April 3, 2011

Pokemon Black/White Best Team Guide - Which to choose on your journey - and review/opinion

Well, I just finished beating the whole game and to be honest, a lot of the pokemon you encounter are really ugly and useless, even though they might look good at first, they turnout to be obselete later on in the game. Im writing this as a kind of review / what sort of pokemon you should capture just for the sake of your Pokedex, and which you should keep throughout your journey - and this is only for the major ones you will find during the main game, not like the other 20 legendary pokemon they have in this series.

Overall, its a very fun game, some of the nicest features ive seen are in this game, the camera angles are amazing and i think anyone with a DS should buy it, except I think you should really not buy the 3DS just yet. Wait till next year when they come out with better hardware specs, more features and hopefully the next pokemon game. well, without further ad-ewwwww, lemme get down to the point of which pokemon to choose on your team.

Well, you obviously have to pick one of the 3 starters. so go ahead, pick. it really wont affect too much on your team building unless you wanna look into going into EV training and all that hardcores stuff. I picked Snivy as my starter, only cuz i heard that its the hardest one to train and beat the beginning of the game, which I prefer hard (no homo)

Well, to start out with, i suggest catching yourself a Pidove, which is like this regions version of starly, tailow and the starting birds. It evolves fairly quickly at lvl 21 and at 32 to become unfeazent, for the first 6 badges or so, youll need it but as the game progresses, you realize that its going to turn out to be one of the weakest pokemon in your party, even though it is very fast (its a bird duhh) which after the post game can always change.

Well, now you have 2 pokemon in your party, its time to listen crefully, catch yourself a lillipup and use it to get through till about the first 4 to 5 badges. its fairly useless, but you wont find a lot of good pokemon in the start and you need it for cut and all the other HM moves. At around lvl 20 it evolves into herdier, which got me out of some tough situations early on but i ended up abondoning it because it takes away good xp from the pokemon you should be training. This same happened with the next pokemon which you should also catch but abondon till after the game. Roggenrola, which is like the new geodude. the only good thing about this is that you can teach it HM moves and its ability sturdy gives you about 2 chances to heal your team in critical battles in the beginning. You should abondon it after the 4th gym as it also takes away XP and becomes fairly useless.

Next, around the part of the storyline of the game, you should come across the dreamyard where you can pick you starter type disadvantage monkey pokemon. (For example if you chose snivy, like I did, you would end up getting a panpour, which is the monkey water type pokemon) I got panpour, but you should get a take this pokemon because its very useful against battles with cheren because they overpower his starter, which has an advantage over your starter, just like gary oak and all your other rivals in the other games.
They are also very fast and evolve according to their type stone (water stone for panpour) I highly suggest you evolve them around lvl 22 to 25 when they learn a good move, as they grow much stronger later on, but become pretty boing after lvl 45, so keep that in mind as well.

The next pokemon you will pick up is right after Castelia city in the desert. Sandile is handsdown one of the best overall Pokemon you can catch in the whole game. Its probably the highest level pokemon in my party right now, and it helps me out in every battle one way or another. Its a dark ground type that learns a lot of good moves liek crunch and earthquake during the storyline. It evolves into Krokorok at lvl 29 and again into Krookodile at lvl 40. Again, great overall Pokemon for every stat.

Next up I think the best one to catch is an electric type pokemon to cover up your disadvantages. You can pick her. You have 2 choices:

1) You pick up a Tynamo in chargestone cave. This is an electric type which evolves into elektrik at lvl 39 , which can take a while and be frustrating because Tynamo is pretty weak in its stats but then you can evolve it with a thunderstone after that at anytime to become Elecktross, a deadly pokemon. What this pokemon has over the next pokemon I will tell you is its ability, which is levitate, it renders ground moves obsolete against it, which is one of the deadiest type moves against electric pokemon, other then that, it has fairly high stats and can learn a good amount of cool moves that come in handy.

2) Second choice is Klink. Which is like magenton of this game. Its actually very strong, though not immune to ground type moves, which could be a problem at times. It evolves also at a later time in its journey at around lvl 38 and again into Klingklang at around lvl 49. Klingklang is a really strong pokemon and keep it in your mind that it has quality moves and its a steel type capable of learning good steel type moves as well.

Next up, you should pick this up as an optional pokemon, but if you can, it can become a lethal pokemon in your arsenal. Litwick is a Fire/ Ghost type everyone should consider. It evolves into Lampent at lvl 41, which is a long time, but then you can directly evolve it into a Chandelure with a darkstone(you get it near the route to pokemon league) This is because it has a few good points about it. first, its ability is flamebody which can burn pokemon if they make contact, this helps because Litwick and its higher uppers can learn a move called hex which doubles the amount of damage it does if the enemy has a status condition. It has incredibly high spped and an insane special attack, which is good because all its moves are special, not physical. It learns good moves as well. Just consider it.

Now that you might have about 5 to 6 pokemon in your party, you have to make a hard decision near the end of the storyline. I wont spoil it for you if you havent finished the game yet, but its pretty inevitable. You have to catch the legendary dragon type pokemon on the cover of your game, Zekrom or Reshiram. I had Pokemon White so you should make sure you have an extra spot for it when you catch it. They are super strong and i highly suggest letting go off the elemental monkey you get early on in the game in you have a full party.

Well, this is just guidelines and some general help as too which pokemon to train throughout the storyline of your journey, you shouldnt do exactly as I wrote, follow your instincts, experiment with other pokemon if you want it dont matter as long as your having fun playing the game. I know I replaced many of my pokemon after you beat the storyline because you can catch so many more pokemon and train them all very fast in the remaining parts of the game. I will continue to write poke-blogs soon.

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  1. love the guide. have been looking for a good team for pkmn black for a bit now and this is quite helpful! too bad this gen is so damn ugly haha.


    1. roggenrola may look like the most useless pokemon but once it turns into gigalith its a realy cool pokemon especialy if its shiny i recomend the moves earthquake explosion rockslide and finaly stone edge (you may want to change explosion) and what i cant believe is that i have a deoxys with v-create (it was dum of me to change the subject

    2. Shiny pokémon aren't stronger than non-shiny pokémon - they just look cooler ;)

  2. good gide but i don't know half the pokemon put up some pics our somethink but i will lean them you are good at gides

  3. good guide and great for first time players i've completed the game with ease but i would consider getting oshawatt as your starter pokemon- as it is effectiive against marshall (e4), N (final battle), bianca (throught the game) and it has a fairley good attack stat and defence stat (}:

  4. Here is the best team i know of for tournaments and wifi:

    Jellicent, level 50+, good speed, Water absorb, must know rain dance

    Ludicolo, level 50+, good sp. attack, rain dish, must know surf

    Vaporeon, level 50+, good speed, Water absorb, knows helping hand

    Lumineon, level 50+, good sp. attack, storm drain

    Poliwrath, level 50+, good attack, water absorb, knows surf

    Kingdra, level 50+, good sp. attack, swift swim

    You choose the moves and items. They MUST HAVE the abilities and certain moves given, or it WILL NOT WORK!

    1. I could one shot your whole entire team with my Galvantula Bro, lol.

    2. Umm.they're all water types, so they will not be able to cover each others weaknesses's since they have the same weaknesses's

  5. I have played for over 50 hours and easily beat the game. This is my team. embor lv 91 simisage lv 59 jellicent lv 100 krookodile lv 100 volcarona lv 100 cinccino lv 72 and by the way don't use legendary pokemon they are cheep.

  6. this is my team i have done everything in the game. and legendries are not cheap! samurot lv100 moves: hydropump,megahorn,surf,revenge nature:serious ability:torent and i know that revenge is weak i just dont have any move to replace it kyurem lv100 moves:blizzard,dragon pulse,cut,outrage nature:impish ability:presure hydreigon lv100 moves:crunch,fly,dragon pulse,outrage nature:adamant abillity:levitate zekrom lv100 moves:bolt strike,stone edge,fusion bolt,outrage nature:serious tyranitar lv100 moves:brick breack,stone edge,earthquake,dragon claw abillity:sand stream nature: careful i also got tyranitar in my soul silver team lugia lv100 moves:aeroblast,hydro pump,sky attack,dragon rush nature:modest ability:presure thats my pokemon white team i hope injoid reading it!

  7. This is my team:

    Mienshao@Life Orb, Regenerator, Adamant: Fake Out, U-turn, Hi Jump Kick, Stone Edge

    Hydreigon@Choice Specs, Levitate, Modest: Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Surf, Charge Beam

    Sigilyph@Leftovers, Magic Guard, Timid: Cosmic Power, Roost, Psyshock, Air Slash

    Ferrothorn@Rocky Helmet, Iron Barbs, Sassy: Leech Seed, Toxic, Power Whip, Gyro Ball

    Excadrill@Life Orb, Sand Rush, Jolly: Swords Dance, Earthquake, Rock Slide, X-Scissor

    Tyranitar@Muscle Band, Sand Stream, Adamant: Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Crunch

  8. to whoever put down the team with

    This team is easy to beat use dragonite with outrage,thunderbolt,hurricane or fly and any 4th move. you would lose easily

  9. my team
    victini lv 58
    oshawott 70
    ditto 100
    arceus 100
    reshiram 100
    tepig lvl 60

  10. So many of these teams have so many weaknesses however I train my pokemon EV. So I use a physical sweeper arcanine or gyrados. Gyarados should have dragon dance and a strong physical like earthquake waterfall and another. A skarmory with roar, thunderqave steel wing and toxic perhaps a ludicolo for a drained with leech seed giga drain protect and detect (through continous move breeding) umbreon can also be used as a drainer a nice trick also is to ev either eapeon or alakazam on spindas for special attakk and speed and give it the macho brace and soon it will be so strong with psychic energy ball focus blast and perhaps calm mind you can mix an match and try a few others bear in mind this kind of team is for peple who want to go beyond the basic storyline and get the 100% mark good luck anyway

    Life is like the ocean you will never stop the wave bbut you can learn to surf-troy tucker

  11. best team in my opinion:
    1.ZeKrom@dragon beak OR magnet Abilities: teravolt
    draco metor dragon claw
    fusion bolt bolt strike
    2.Everything Random(Pokemon,Item(s),Moves,ETC...)
    3." "
    4." "
    5." "
    6." "

  12. unfezant's useless.umm braviary or archeops would be good.

  13. My Team is:
    Samurott w/Custap Berry-Aqua Tail, Hydro Cannon, Ice Beam, Megahorn.
    Braviary w/Flying Gem-Return, Brave Bird, Shadow Claw, Superpower.
    Excadrill w/Steel Gem-Drill Run, Metal Claw, Rock Slide, Sandstorm.
    Zoroark w/Dark Gem-Night Burst, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Extrasensory.
    Hydreigon w/White Herb-Crunch, Draco Meteor, Fly, Fire Blast.
    Mienshao w/Focus Sash-Hi Jump Kick, U-Turn, Rock Slide, Fake Out.

  14. The ones you have to wait for or that take a lot of dedication to raise are usually the best.
    Tynamo- hard to find and weak..and can only learn 4 moves...not to mention he is so slow to raise....its takes a while to evolve him but an Electross will be well worth the wait.
    Larvesta- the egg takes forever to hatch and she is also slow to raise...and its very incovienient given the face she's given to you as an egg in mid-game. not to mention she evolves at level 59... but trust me...volcarona is a beast.
    Dieno- you wont be able to find him until victory road...he doesn't reach his first evolution until level 50! and his final form evolves at 64! with out a doubt he will take dedication...its almost impossible to use him fully evolved for the elite 4... Hydreigon is amazing tho.... hard work does pay of after all.
    Rufflet- after he evolves, braviary is the best bird in the game but he wont evolve until level 54....he is slow to raise and you wont find one until route 10...near the end of the main game

  15. when you have white and you get zekrom and you have already 6 pokemon in your team and you have chosen tepig then you can replace pansage (simisage) and your guide is very good. but make a good guide for black too i have both game.

  16. Current Team

    Planned Team

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  18. I prefer dual types pokemon in my team. also different types.

    emboar- fire/fight
    jellicent- water/ghost
    krookodile- ground/dark
    galvantula- bug/electric
    braviary- flying/normal
    ferrothorn- grass/steel

    never use legendary pokemon. it only shows how coward and weak you are.

  19. I feel so lost... just put a team for black

  20. Best team EVER-Ferrothorn- payback, power whip, iron head, energy ball Sceptile- Energy ball, leaf blade, leaf storm, acrobatics Marowak- bonemerang, bone club, bone rush, iron tail(movset not final) Aggron- surf, dragon pulse, heavy slam, automatize. Porygon-Z(shiny) - ice beam, thunder, tri attack, hyper beam Rayquaza(shiny)- seed flare, hyper voice, dragon dance, outrageComment if you want to battle and I'll put up my trainer I'd

    1. I want to battle you, my current team: Samurrot , Blaziken , Salamence(shiny) , Metagross , Tyranitar and Sceptile , please give Your Pal number , and do you have piplup? Pls trade me :D

    2. Best team? No, whack team to be completey accurate. Move sets on them suck and legendaries are cheap. Not trying to be mean, just honest.

  21. I want to battle you, my current team: Samurrot , Blaziken , Salamence(shiny) , Metagross , Tyranitar and Sceptile , please give Your Pal number , and do you have piplup? Pls trade me :D

  22. Y'all's teams are gay. Legendaries are also gay. My team would stomp any of you.
    1. Serperior
    2. Scrafty
    3. Chandelure
    4. Hydreigon
    5. Galvantula

  23. Garchomp
    ................All you would get wrecked.

  24. i'm currently using a nice team that covers my basics and has done the job well!
    it works and my friends hate battling my team :) my move lists are to combat anything. no one is helpless against anything :)

  25. archeops, volcarona, semperior, hydragon, excadrill and galvantula is the most bad ass team :)

  26. As a flying pokemon for your team i would suggest Braviary. If you don't know how and where to get it, i Can Tell you. Now. You Can catch its previous form at the route and basic badge check gate room thingy right before the VICTORY ROAD. (btw its name Is Rufflet)

  27. Klink isn't electric type, in case any of you missed that fact